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All the warmth of the Caribbean is captured in the savoury spices and herbs that give our dishes that authentic homemade flavor.

We use only special house blends of masalas and curries in our sauces built from exotic ingredients like scotch bonnet and pimento peppers, chadon beni and tamarind from the islands.

These are the secrets to our succulent halal meats – from the tender goat, lamb, duck and chicken to the delicate shrimp – everything will set your tastebuds tingling.

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Never had Caribbean food? Here’s a guide.


Inherited from Indian migrants and fused with local ingredients, it is a spicy dish made with ground curry leaves, turmeric, cumin, and the staples: onion, garlic and ginger. It is different from an Indian curry, because this one is loaded with extras from the Caribbean. Try our customer favourites , Curry Chicken, Goat, Lamb or Shrimp.


Long marinating and slow-cooking are the two biggest aspects of this Jamaican style of chicken. Allspice and Scotch Bonnet peppers are key to the distinct flavor of our boneless chicken.


When Caribbean people talk about stewing any meat, they are describing a process built on burnt sugar for that lovely rich colour and a taste that is savoury, slightly sweet and spicy for days.


Paratha Buss-Up Shut

You will definitely feel ancestral India in these versions of puris and naan breads. The paratha roti is so silky and buttery you could easily eat it by itself. Flaky on account of the beating it got which earned it the nickname, Buss-up-Shut, it is perfect to scoop up meats and vegetables.


The Dhalpuri is filled with ground, seasoned split peas, and rolled out into a tender disc, just right to wrap the rich meat and vegetable fillings.


Trinidad and Tobago is the home of this amazingly filling small package. The dough is quickly fried to a puffy bara that is then filled with a spicy chick pea mixture, topped off with our special tamarind sauce. Normally a high-protein vegetarian dish, you can add either goat, chicken or shrimp for some extra oomph.

Aloo pies

Although it is a potato filling, we pay homage to its Indian flavor by calling it aloo. When you taste the roasted spices inside this fried dough pocket, you will agree with the title. If you want add a little meat, try our chicken topping!

Rice and Peas

In the Caribbean, a one-pot dish of rice and any kind of peas or beans is simply called rice and peas. This one is a specialty of Jamaica: red beans and rice, steamed in spicy coconut milk. It is a sumptuous side for either curries or stews.


These fried spicy dough balls look simple, but it becomes a decadent snack when dipped in our homemade tamarind chutney


This Caribbean classic has different forms from island to island. Made from the leaves of the taro root, it varies from a dry side to a soup. Ours is Trinidad and Tobago style, a rich, thick soup that can be eaten on its own or ladled over our fluffy rice.